Project Introduction

The idea for the project “Designing and Preparing a Website Guide for Gavkhouni Wetland’s Biodiversity” was proposed to the Isfahan Department of Environmental Protection in the spring 1401 by the Avaye Boom Bird Conservation Association. After evaluation, the execution of this project was approved. The design and implementation of this plan are based on the principles of CEPA (Communication, Education, Participation, and Awareness).

The project’s execution phase began in late spring of 1401 and was completed by the end of the summer of the same year. It was then handed over to the Isfahan Department of Environmental Protection.

Gavkhouni International Wetland, located in the east of Isfahan and at the end of the Zayanderood River, is among the most crucial Ramsar sites in the country. Due to its vast size, central location in the Iranian plateau, and distance from other large wetlands, this wetland plays a significant role in conserving the biodiversity of its surrounding region. Each year, the international wetland hosts thousands of migratory birds from dozens of species. Over the years, Gavkhouni’s rich biodiversity has spurred numerous studies and research efforts.

What motivated the Avaye Boom Bird Conservation Association to set up a website as a database and guide for Gavkhouni Wetland’s biodiversity was the lack of accessible research data on the wetland for the local public, researchers, and both national and international tourists.
Despite the existence of valuable information about this wetland, resulting from decades of work by experts, researchers, and students, such data has never been compiled and made readily available.
The purpose of this project is to design and prepare the Gavkhouni Wetland website, where visitors can view the various animal species of the wetland and access comprehensive information about each species and their status in the wetland. Additionally, the website is designed to allow for further additions in later stages, such as news, educational materials, and events.
What’s clear is that increasing awareness is essential for environmental protection and land sustainability.
It is hoped that this website can be a hub for expanding knowledge and collecting information about this invaluable wetland.