International wetlands host a notable variety of birds. The Gavkhouni International Wetland, located in the heart of the Iranian plateau and distinguished by its vast size, challenging accessibility, and distance from other extensive wetlands, welcomes many birds.

Birds in the Gavkhouni Wetland can be divided into three groups: winter migratory, summer migratory, and native birds.
Winter migratory birds usually arrive at the wetland at the start of the fall season and stay until the end of winter. Summer migratory birds come to the wetland at the beginning of spring, breed, and then migrate by mid-summer.
Native birds are present in the wetland throughout the year and reproduce there.

Studies concerning the birds of the Gavkhouni Wetland have so far been scattered and decentralized. According to a report by the Department of Environmental Protection of Isfahan, 106 bird species have been recorded in the wetland to date. The list of these recorded bird species can be viewed below.

One of the most credible sources introducing the bird species of the Gavkhouni International Wetland is the research by Dr. Mahmoudreza Homami and colleagues titled “Conservation Planning for Endangered Bird Species in Gavkhouni Wetland Based on Focal Species Approach.” The list of species introduced in this section is also based on this research.